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Renewable energy and tolerance project

About the project:

     This project aims to spread tolerance and peace among people and develop students’ informational attitudes, and provide them with different skills, where students cooperate with each other to participate in building knowledge and skills and make basic decisions, to achieve the needs of the local and international community through a series of technologies- transforming learning activities, from To replace the culture of war with a culture of peace.

Why the problem of tolerance?

Students search for global problems and issues using  the tool  :bing search

They interviewed other students and asked them about the problems they faced, and were able to identify eight problems: (environmental pollution, corona prevention, tolerance, preservation of public property, climate, cyber risks, school discipline, academic achievement, educational motivation).Students then used the forms to vote on the problem to be addressed and explain their decision..

Total number of voters 305

Most of the students agreed to find a solution to the problem of tolerance and racism  and agreed on the name of the project (Here are the students of the world. Tolerance united us.)  They started more intensive  research and reading  about this problem and they employed the use of technology and knowledge and design of video, drawings, scenes, meetings, lectures and visits to several local and international schools and also visits virtual using skype technology.

The total number of students who voted:   305

Voting results:

  • Environmental pollution                              22%

  • Corona prevention                                        72%

  • Tolerance                                                          97%

  • Preserving public property                           2%

  • Climate                                                                1%

  • Cyber Risks                                                         9%

  • Scholastic discipline                                       3%

  • Academic achievement                               9%

  • Learning motivation                                       3%

  • Other                                                                87 % 

Download voting results


Why is the problem of tolerance important?

   The students agreed to find solutions to goal 10 to reduce the face of non-equality and spread coexistence, tolerance and peace, where they felt the importance of addressing racial discrimination, reducing the lack of equality between their student peers and their local and international community, rejecting racism and deciding that they would be leaders in finding the best solutions. They felt this problem because of bullying in school, where they felt that there was a difference and disparity between the regions of Saudi Arabia and the non-acceptance of different cultures.

   And for us as teachers:
   We are dealing with students from several countries and different colors locally and internationally, so we need to provide a healthy and secure environment for students to coexist peacefully and renounce racism that drives cognitive and scientific production and meet students and provides opportunities for discovery and helps talented students and those who need support without discrimination or racial discrimination.

Students learn about the Sustainable Development Goals by searching the Internet and preparing presentations
Sustainable development goals from the implementation of the students
Students express why they chose the topic
of tolerance through Flipgrid
Students also expressed their opinion through letters
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