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Technology Tools/Apps Required




1- Teams

Post all class materials

Local and global communication

To have a centralized location for all class communications

-Implementation of meetings and lectures remotely.

2- Forms

What problem do they want and explain why

Register the names of the attendees

To accelerate the student voice.

Obtaining data and information

3- OneNote



To amplify the student voice

To accelerate the student collaboration

4- planner

Define tasks and activities

To Design the project plan

5- Minecraft

Design three different cities in renewable energy.

Eliminate the dispute and coexistence between the three cities.

6- Sway

writing reports

Preparing a report on the work and tasks that have been carried out

7- power Apps

Mobile app design.

Tolerance app design

Get closer app design

8- OneDrive

File storage and sharing

Sharing files between students

 9- Skype

Speak with experts

For more ideas about tolerance and coexistence

 10- Flipgrid

What problem do they want and explain why

To accelerate the student voice.

11- Outlook

Communicate locally and globally with students

Connect with students from different countries of the world

12- PowerPoint

Presentation Design
video recording
Screen capture

Designing presentations on tolerance, digital citizenship, and cybersecurity
Sustainable Development Goals

13- Publisher

Writing a project plan

Writing a project plan

14 - Microbite

Microbite project design

programming use

15 - Social media

Create an account on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube

To spread awareness and educate the community

Some pictures of Microsoft programs that were used
WhatsApp Image 2022-02-02 at 9.57.37 PM.jpeg
Using Teams in video lectures
Using Microsoft Teams and Microbite
Use Microsoft Planner
Use Microsoft OneNote
Use Microsoft OneDrive
Use Microsoft PowerApps
Use Microsoft Forms
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