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Renewable energy and tolerance:

   Students designed three cities, each city had one source of renewable energy, either hydro, wind or solar energy, and each city had a distinct energy from the other.
    The energies of the three cities were scarce due to the dispute between the Water City King and the Sun City King due to the Water City King occupying the entire river.

This made the people of the two cities hate each other. And a war broke out between them which led to the interruption of cooperation between the cities which led to a shortage of energy, so the King of the Water City decided to tolerate the King of the Sun City. So he made a strategic plan which is that the river from the left is the city of water, and from the right is the city of the sun, they cooperate and help the city of storm and drought. And the lack of solar energy so that the three cities coexist with each other to achieve a balance in the three energies.

  • Identify the types of renewable energy (solar energy - wind energy - hydro energy) and their role in limiting climate change

  • Promoting tolerance, coexistence and acceptance of difference

  • Design skill development

  • Linking to Goal 7: Sustainable Development Goals (Clean and Affordable Energy).

The Programs used:
Maine Craft - Microsoft - Teams - OneDrive -  Outlook
The Story
Tolerance, coexistence and the exchange of the three energies
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