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Microbite Friends
  • Instilling the value of tolerance in children

  • Activating the International Day of the Gulf Child

  • Training children to cut the microbite

  • Raising the spirit of cooperation among students

  • Enhancing the spirit of competition among students

Target Group

Female students of the fourth grade of primary school from the thirteenth primary in Jeddah 1443 AH

The following has been implemented:
  • Create a team in Microsoft Teams

  • Create a meeting using Microsoft Teams

  • The two students (Dana Hanif-Haneen Eid) also prepared an invitation to meet

  • The student "Guri Fallata" gave a presentation for the program

  • The program was presented by the student, "Serene Hashem

  • The student "Layal Balubaid" also talked about the microbes of things

  • The student, Hadeel Balkhi, introduced the microbead

  • As the student, Elissar Doidry, explained the components of the Microbit website

  • The student, Shahd Masoud, explained the practical application (letter and smile).

  • The student "Jude Bahwini" talked about spreading and instilling the value of tolerance

  • The two students (Lian Al Barid - Afaf Khan) also took care of the certificates of attendance and participation

  • The student "Jana Maher" created an attendance link and an exchange link to put the work of practical application 

Announcing the Microbit Friends Program
Samples of the students' work
WhatsApp Image 2022-02-03 at 3.07.52 AM.jpeg
رابط تسجيل الحاضرين في المايكروبت.png
For more, you can view the project report through Sway
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