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Introductory meeting Digital Citizenship and Cyber Security
Objectives of the meeting
  • Introducing students to digital citizenship and preparing them to prepare remote meetings that serve their community​

  • Guiding and advising students through a seminar on cyber security

The impact of the meeting on the students:
  • The students presented a set of infographic designs as a summary of the most important points of the meeting and assembled them through OneDrive. 

  • Preparing the students for remote meetings to spread the microbit technology to those who are younger to them..

  • Preparing students to meet on the topic of cyber security for their community and to disseminate what they learned in the meeting to others.

Letter of Approval
Meeting Recording
Digital Code of Conduct
 Digital Citizenship  
   Cyber Security
Samples of the students' work
For more, you can view the project report through Sway
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