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Visit Radwa International Schools

The purpose of the visit:
Activating the Arabic Language Day for Radwa International Schools under the title (Arabic Language and Civilized Communication Day) and spreading the concept of tolerance and coexistence

what has been done?
  • Sending a letter to the host school about the possibility of preparing a meeting for the school’s students and managing the activity

  • Preparing a presentation containing various paragraphs on the definition of the Arabic language and types of fonts Presentation link.

  • Preparing an electronic competition at the end of the meeting by the students, click here.

  • Discussing the students about the importance of tolerance and coexistence by members of society and the importance of Islam

  •  Discussing the students about coexistence and the culture of clothing and eating between their different countries

  • Cooperating with the school in spreading the principle of tolerance by preparing videos about tolerance in different languages

  • The use of forms forms to enumerate the names of those attending the meeting, and another form to record the names of female students, equipment for the meeting, and the impact of it to meet them

Letter of going to visit Radwa International Schools
Parents consent to visit
A clip of a group of female students chanting the phrase “Our languages, our clothes, our fonts are different, and our hearts are united in English.”
Talk about clothes
More videos
For more, you can view the project report through Sway
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