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Tolerance Store

Tolerance Store: This store was designed by students in order to spread tolerance and coexistence around the world. The students chose the following products: T-shirt, cap, cup, pillowcase. They designed indulgent logos to be placed on the products.

Products are designed and available in the following languages:
English -Arabic - Chinese - French -  Spanish

You can view the store through the following link:

Project goals:
  • Enable the student to create and manage an online store

  • Develop design skill through designing phrases and products

  • Learn the basics of e-commerce

  • Promoting tolerance and coexistence in several languages through products

  • Promoting digital citizenship and the safe use of technology

  • Linking to Goal 8: Sustainable Development Goals ( Decent work and economic growth).

The Programs used

 Microsoft Teams - OneDrive -  Outlook- Salla Website 

Store control panel in English
Store control panel in Arabic
Some pictures of the products
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